The XR (Extended Reality) Playlist

Harnessing the power of XR to maximize training impact.

According to SuperData (Nielsen), “enterprises that adopt XR training technology will save $13.5 billion that would otherwise have been spent on traditional training that includes instructors, dedicated learning spaces and traveling to remote facilities”. 71% of companies using VR are using it for training. Walmart plans to train over one million employees across 4,000 stores using the Oculus Go headset.

And the returns are positive.

According to analyst Todd Maddox, “Compared to traditional learning tools, extended reality (xR) technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, speed the development of mastery and expertise through repeated experiential learning that broadly engages multiple learning systems in the brain in synchrony and is scalable.”

Learn more about XR and join the Training, Learning, and Development Community all November as we discuss Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality. The future of experiential learning is here and we’re excited to share the knowledge of top L&D XR practitioners with you.

Schedule for November 2019

Monday, Nov 11


7:00am – 8:00am

13 Reasons Why VR Learning ISN’T What You Need Next … And Why VR-Ready Is The Real Trend You Need To Be Looking At with Danny Stefanic of LearnBrite

VR offers incredible advantages for engagement in learning and training enabling users to fail in safety, learn from choices, operate in impossible, impractical or hazardous environments, perform motor memory tasks, and offers unique data for assessment.

So why isn’t VR learning what you need next? Find out on the XR Playlist with VR and Internet pioneer, Danny Stefanic

Danny Stefanic

Danny Stefanic

Danny Stefanic is CEO of, providing VR-ready tools for educators to enhance learning through avatars, non-linear dialogue, gamification and virtual environments while delivering increased engagement and memorable self-paced and collaborative immersive experiences.

Thursday, Nov 21


6:00am – 7:00am

When Virtual Really Messes With Your Reality with Alan Natachu

VR can be a great experience for the end user. There’s nothing more satisfying than watching someone whose been skeptical about VR finally get what the buzz is about.

What the end user doesn’t see are the late nights, cursing computers, dead batteries and the many heartbreaks you experienced while managing VR.

Does managing VR really have to be difficult? The short answer is “maybe?” For the long answer, tune in on November 21st as Alan Natachu discusses the pain points and the epic wins of managing VR equipment and experiences from a LnD perspective.

Alan Natachu

Alan Natachu

Learning Experience Designer

Alan Natachu is a Learning Experience Designer at Exact Sciences. He shifted from an artist career, working with the likes of ABC/Disney and the Smithsonian, to a training career when he was hired as a Creative at Apple, where he worked two years in a technology trainer role. Alan’s work with Apple gave him the skills to be an extraordinary and innovative trainer for faculty and staff in higher education and corporate learning environments.

Tuesday, Nov 26


7:00am – 8:00am

Preparing Your Company for an Augmented Reality Learning Program

Augmented reality is a powerful tool that can help your team achieve learning goals in a meaningful and hands-on way. But within the L&D field, there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what exactly AR can do and how it can be implemented. And this can make it a challenge get everyone at your organization—and even just your team— on board with what you need to know to make an augmented reality learning program a success.

In this session, you’ll explore the steps you’ll want to take in order to successfully launch an AR program at your organization, including how to get buy-in and acceptance by business units. You’ll find out about creating a solid business case as a reason to use AR, and how a business partner proposing to use AR to solve a particular challenge can make it easier to implement AR solutions. You’ll then look at how to match the AR use case with your business’ core values to make sure people understand how specifically this new technology is going to impact the organization. You’ll discover strategies for finding appropriate business cases and how to work with an internal team to plan, build, implement, and maintain an AR project.

Debbie Richards

Debbie Richards

Debbie Richards, the president of Creative Interactive Ideas, was named one of the most influential people in corporate eLearning for 2018. She works with organizations to design, develop, and deliver technology-based adult learning programs with measurable impact. Passionate about working with and mentoring other learning professionals, Debbie is the President of the Association for Talent Development Houston Chapter and a past ATD national adviser for chapters. She is also the author of Seeing the Possibilities With Augmented Reality, an ATD TD at Work publication.

Tuesday, Dec 6


7:00am – 8:00am

VR for Training & Assessment: The top 7 things you need to know

In this XR Playlist episode, James Watson, will help you to understand the key benefits of using VR for training or assessment, and some of the main factors you need to be aware of when implementing a VR training program.

  • Learn how DHL uses VR gamification to drive engagement with employees
  • Understand how GE Healthcare addressed the issue of equipment scarcity
  • And how Shell uses VR to take the risk out of Health & safety training

We will share our learnings across the following topics:

  • How do you identify the right use case and business case for VR training?
  • Understanding the 3 key uses of VR for training: 1. Knowledge 2. Skills and 3. Behaviour
  • What are the key steps you need to take to effectively (and profitably) use VR in your enterprise?
  • How can you best scale the integration across a large enterprise safely and securely?
  • What makes for a successful implementation, including metrics and ROI?
James Watson

James Watson

James started his career in digital marketing and innovation over 20 years ago working for Viator, a travel tech start-up in Sydney. He went on to work for globally renowned advertising agency Ogilvy, leading digital marketing programmes for clients including Cisco and Philips.

Prior to joining Immerse, he lead the immersive technology offering at creative technology agency Imagination, developing enterprise VR solutions for brands including Shell, JLR and Major League Baseball. He is a regular speaker on the VR conference circuit.

Immerse has a client list which includes Shell, Ensco, DHL, GE Healthcare and QinetiQ. Key to their offering is enabling their clients to scale and measure VR programmes using their cloud-based Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP).

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