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The xAPI Playlist took place on March 19, 2018. Below you will find playlist recordings and additional curated resources.

Playlist Recordings

Experience API FAQ

By Craig Wiggins, xAPI Evangelist

Feeling like you’ve missed the boat on the Experience API? Confused by the alphabet soup of acronyms? What is an LRS, anyway – and how is it different from an LMS? Craig Wiggins will join us to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about the Experience API.

What It’s Like Getting Started with xAPI

By Melissa Milloway, LX Designer and Ross Kerr, Instructional Design Manager

What’s it like to get started with xAPI? How do you go about implementing xAPI into your design process? Take a look at Melissa Milloway and Ross Kerr’s Spring 2018 xAPI Cohort project on creating a Scrum themed micro trivia game. Learn about the wins of the project and the struggles; including around the design process, implementing xAPI, and the technology used to create the project.

Building An xAPI Enabled App

By Kristin Anthony, LX Designer

Building an xAPI enabled app that can track participation data that might be typical for a microlearning, card-based app like Google’s Primer. See what it takes to build and ship an app in the Google and Apple app stores, and to provide a source of data that could be shared back with the xAPI Cohort Community for experimentation.

xAPI: Creating and Exploring

By Megan Torrance, Chief Energy Officer

Creating coherent topically based learning environments and exploring xAPI opportunities (and common mistakes) in three key areas: Design, Data, and Size.

Bonus Curated Content

TLDCast with Ben Betts

Hosted by Jo Cook

Ben Betts of HT2 Labs and Learning Locker brings 15 years of L&D experience to the group to talk with host Jo Cook. It was a very informative session that took us from chat boards to AI and retrieving data via xAPI.

TLDCast with Mike Rustici

Hosted by Brent Schlenker

Special guest Mike Rustici, CEO and co-founder of Watershed and comes to talk about standards and xAPI with the group. We talked about the collection and usage of data for analytics and how that can apply to the world of L&D, standards in L&D, and general learning experiences. Some great text chat today and some questions that had to be moved to TLDChat to continue.

TLDCast with Craig Wiggins

Hosted by Brent Schlenker

Craig Wiggins joins the video chat today to discuss everything ID. He has ten years’ experience in the field and was the former community manager at Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative.

TLDCast with Melissa Milloway

Hosted by Brent Schlenker

On a Monday edition, we catch up with Melissa Milloway, Technical Curriculum Developer at Amazon. She talks about her history, how she shares her information to the world, and xAPI.

TLDCast with Kristin Anthony

Hosted by Brent Schlenker

Kristin has worked in many sectors of instructional design: higher ed, corporate, and freelancing. Kristin is an admin for the Instructional Design sub-Reddit and the host of the podcast Dear Instructional Designer. Kristin is a prolific experimenter and in this episode, she provides a lot of real world examples that have helped shape her work. We highly recommend checking out her website and following her on Twitter because you never know what kind of projects she’ll be working on next.

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