Why Virtual Reality Matters with Malia Probst


Malia Probst is an VR/AR producer, connector & host: she is co-founder of Reality Inspired, a virtual reality for marketing and sales tools company focused on luxury brands, and Director of Brand Strategy for VRScout, an LA-based media/news publishing company and content studio. She also hosts and produces two podcasts in the mixed reality space: the Real Virtual Show, and the VRScout Report.

Malia was born and raised in Indiana, now based in Los Angeles, was married on Pi Day (3/14/15), has a 12-lb terrier mix son named Bentley, and is passionate about any tools that empower humanity and raise the collective consciousness.

Keynote: Working Out Loud with Julian Stodd


Join this Working Out Loud session with Julian Stodd as he shares ground breaking ideas with TLDC, including a tour through the Social Age, and the idea that the solutions to the problems our organizations face come from us, and the people around us — not external stakeholders.

Julian Stodd, author and founder of Sea Salt Learning, grew a leading UK eLearning business before selling it to focus on writing and research around mobile and social learning. He is the author of Exploring the World of Social Learning and A Mindset for Mobile Learning, as well as being a trustee of Drake Music (technology enabling creativity for disabled young people) and a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, a global technology-facilitated platform for skills development.

Immersive Learning Experiences and the Future of Workplace Learning with Andrew Hughes


The Future of Learning Is Here We have always struggled to envision the future, often superimposing new technology over our current views at a given period of time. The challenge of imagining the future of learning can seem daunting. However, snapshots already exist. We just need to look beyond current assumptions to identify some of the key tenets for the learning environments of the future.