TLDC19 Conference Recordings

The Training, Learning, and Development Conference 2019 took place January 28 & 29 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Creating Engaging Learning Through Visual Design with Tim Slade

  "The truth is, good learning design is more than just instructional design." The effectiveness of any learning experience is only as good as the instructional design put into it. But can instructional design alone make learning engaging and effective? The truth...

What the Research Says: Develop Boundaryless Leaders with Tom Stone

 Key leadership-related findings across a half-dozen studies on collaboration, agility, global leadership, virtual leadership, and more. Successful leaders today must work across a variety of boundaries: personal, cultural, geographic, and organizational. In short,...

Microlearning as Learning Reinforcement! with Shannon Tipton

   Learning that sticks doesn’t occur after one, two or even several training events. Organizations can continue to close down shop for a “day of training” but be aware – while this looks good on the nightly news, it will do nothing to solve the overall...

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