The Storytelling Playlist 

Connecting Ideas and People with Story

Storytelling is at the center of everything we do. It’s how we build connections, lead others, guide our teams to the finish line.

Join us in March for a series of conversations with some of L&D’s finest storytelling professionals. From instructional story design, to scenario-based learning, to improv and comedy, this month’s playlist isn’t something you want to miss.


Friday, March 6 7:00am

Instructional Story Design

Rance Greene


Wednesday, March 11 8:00AM

Go Beyond Boring: Creating Scenario-based Learning That Engages Participants

Christy Tucker


Thursday, March 12 7:00am

Storytelling Panel: Stories About Using Stories

featuring Jonathan Hill, Cara North, and Jonathan Rock


Friday, March 20 8:00AM

Comedy Writing Tips for Learning Design

Sarah Ann Houghton


Tuesday, March 24 7:00AM

Improv and Storytelling

Bridget Brown

Storytelling Speaker Lineup

Rance Greene

Story Designer, Speaker, and Performance Consultant

Rance Greene comes to the talent development field with a backdrop of theatre, choreography, art and music. He is a playwright, song-writer and story writer. His connection of instructional design to story design has made him a sought-after speaker and consultant. Rance formed to help talent development professionals and leaders understand their audience and what they are asking them to do. His presentations are noted for their lively interactions, practical skill-building and, of course, stories. He involves audiences and students by asking them to think, respond, analyze, and ultimately discover that they are the best storytellers for their audience. Rance is privileged to serve beside some of the best talent development professionals in the industry as the President of ATD Dallas. He is the author of Instructional Story Design, a practical handbook for designing stories for training, published by ATD Press.

Christy Tucker

Learning Experience Design Consultant

As a learning experience design consultant, I create engaging learning experiences by integrating relevant stories and scenarios with interactive technology. I can get know-how out of a subject matter expert’s head and transform it into a valuable learning experience for others. I have converted multiple face-to-face classes for online learning. For example, I converted a soft skills training course to self-paced e-learning, adding branching video scenarios for learners to practice the skills in context. I also provide project management and learning technology consulting, including helping clients use LMSs effectively and select the best tools to meet their needs.

Clients include the National Alliance for Partnerships for Equity (NAPE), the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies, Cine Learning Productions, Tech2000, and the Middle East Research Ethics Training Initiative (MERETI) at the University of Maryland Baltimore.

Bridget Brown

Geek Translator, Master Facilitator, Storytelling & Public Speaking Innovator, Owner, StoryMatters, LLC

C-suites, HR teams, sales teams and entrepreneurs hire Bridget K. Brown to increase their expertise and the skills of their employees by empowering them to craft the right message for the right audience and deliver it with confidence.

Bridget is a public speaking, storytelling coach and facilitator who specializes in making the complex clear and coaching the right story out of people. Her super power is coaching and being a passionate cheerleader for her students and clients. AND her workshops are always a lot of fun!

As a Certified Applied Improvisation Instructor with 15+ years of instructional design and facilitation experience, she combines her background as an actress, writer, and instructional designer by using elements of improvisation in her work.

Bridget has trained at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University and Duarte Academy for Presentation Skills in Silicon Valley.

She is a former Adjunct Instructor in the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Washington University in St Louis. She has created global security awareness programs for two Fortune 500 companies; coached scientists in TEDx talks and helped organizations within the healthcare industry tell stories which aid them to sell their data-driven products in order to increase their bottom line.

She lives in Southeastern Connecticut.

Sarah Ann Houghton

Instructional Designer (M.Ed.) & Comedian

Sarah Ann Houghton (B.A., M.Ed.) is a New York-based comedian and educator.

Her one-woman show ‘Sex, Robots, & Mysterious Shadows’ sold out for its debut at the #SOLOCOM2019 Festival in New York City.

Produces and co-hosts SCRAPPED, a monthly sketch talk-show for comedy writers with credits from The Late Show, The Late Late Show, The Chris Gethard Show, Comedy Central, NBC, and Disney.

Head writes and directs a monthly show for house sketch team The Ruse Comedy at The Peoples Improv Theater.

Serves as contributing writer/director for Comedy Derailed: The HERlarious Show, produced by Rachel La Loca and EOP Comedy Show, and co-starred in its ‘Fix Ya Face’ video reaching over 16k views on Facebook.

For three seasons, wrote and produced monthly sketches for The PIT’s Like Butter Comedy house team.

Creates and manages instructional content for AOL, Yahoo, and Verizon brands.

Sarah is an alum of UCB New York, the Washington Improv Theater DC, and Szkoła Impro Warsaw, Poland. Other credits include sketch, cabaret, stand up, commedia, and longform improvisation throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.

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