Toddi Norum w/ Special Guests Tom Dheere and James Romick

Toddi Norum is our guest host today and we have two great guests. Both guests have years of experience in the voice over industry. We have Tom Dheere and James Romick join us in the video window and share their background in the VO world and where this talent fits into the L&D world.

  1. Tom and James’s history
  2. Getting into the VO industry
  3. Skillsets for different genres
  4. Cutting up audio vs. recording multiple times
  5. VO is a skill
  6. Tips for amateurs
  7. Get out of your own way
  8. Q&A round

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Picture: Jens Kreuter

The Most Moving Day of the Week, Video Friday

Post Show Notes – May 19, 2017

Video Friday held up to its historical amazing chat around the world of video. Today’s main topic was focused around Teleprompters. We discussed the full range of types of teleprompters on the market, how to coach your talent when using one, and software to use when presenting text to your talent. It was a fun filled day with all the boxes full and a stream of links to some awesome tools and sites. Be sure to watch all the video and scroll up through the chat!

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Josh Cavalier

Amanda Jackson

Matt Pierce

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