Special Guest Michael Noble of TTA

Today, Brent Schlenker talks to Michael Noble about tools, the learner experience and his years in the L&D Industry. Michael J. Noble, PhD, is TTA’s Chief Operating Officer & Chief Learning Strategist. In addition to leading TTA’s sales and operations teams, he works with clients to map their future state objectives and to innovate within their learning organizations. 

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Talking about CBT tools used in the past
  • Challenges and the Learner experience
  • What’s Blended Learning?
  • How companies view the role of Instructional Designer
  • Working through content challenges
  • Challenges with learning and scalability
  • Challenges for learning leaders
  • Go and see the need on the floor

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Site – https://tldc.us/

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Slack channel – http://TLDChat.us

Podcast – https://media.zencast.fm/tldchat


Open Forum: Projects

Notes for October 16, 2017

The Rings of Focus are back again today. We dive into the Projects ring and take on some of the text chat suggestions and issues we, as a group, are dealing with. Michael Sheyahshe jumped into one of the video screens and gave us some insight to his process and managing multiple projects through tools and ideals. The text chat was alive with people sharing tools, ideas, and project management skills they have obtained in their day-to-day.

  1. Rings of Focus review
  2. Projects in the community
  3. Pomodoro technique
  4. Tools for managing projects
  5. Three elements of a task (maybe four)
  6. Bot talk

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Golden Nuggets:

“Workflow is less about tools than it is about people.”

Picture:  Andy Kelly

Open Forum: Professional Development Resources and Tools

Today we got to see a special guest host — the man, the myth, the legend behind TLDC….LUIS MALBAS!

Luis is a founder of TLDC, a learning and development veteran, and the man behind much of the infrastructure of the community.

 Since Brent and Sam were unable to broadcast at our usual time, Luis guided a conversation about professional development.  What do folks do for professional development?  What are the preferred methods?  What are some memorable sessions?  A small but mighty group today with a robust discussion.

In the Boxes:

Luis Malbas

Cara North

Marco Faccini

Cheryl Johnson

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Golden Nugget(s)

I’ve seen L&D on the cutting edge at organizations with DEEP pockets and management that supports them.

For me, the value of those big conferences don’t come close to justifying registration cost.

I think we should create a think tank type approach and focus around collaborative problem-solving.

We need #doers as much as #thinkers…#stackOverflow example- “Here’s how *I* got this problem solved- here’s someone else’s salutation.

#FailOutLoud – potentially a great track for a conference