Lost and Found

I’m a little disillusioned with technology. Over the last couple of years, it’s been especially bad. The information manipulation, addiction, need for validation, the struggle to keep up — it’s taken a toll.

So I’ve taken steps to wean myself off specific digital spaces I’ve developed an affinity for. I access most of them on my smartphone.

The app purge has begun!

Unexpectedly, after a 3+ year hiatus, working in an environment shoulder to shoulder with people again has helped this recovery process.

There’s a project at work where we’re putting our heads together to pair up and research “service focus” topics. I’m paired with a teammate to build a presentation on improving listening skills.

My teammate and I have done some preliminary web research, watched a few youtube and lynda.com videos, prepped a basic framework for what we want to present.

I decided to hit up my PLN via TLDChat to see if they had any suggestions on training for listening skills.

What a surprise! I received a bounty of creative and resourceful advice from my network. In one case, an entire presentation was sent in a word doc! There were fantastic ideas from everyone, and it was quite a feeling knowing that a simple request could yield such amazing results.

That same evening I was on my commute home after work and caught a debate on NPR. The topic was on whether or not Silicon Valley has lost its soul. I admit I’m a bit biased since I’ve already lost trust in some social media platforms and abandoned accordingly (goodbye Facebook). And though some social media giants started out well intention-ed, it’s obvious they no longer have their user’s best interests at heart.

But then there’s this. Right here in my network. This discussion in TLDChat. Real people, using technology to help each other every day. Contextually relevant in a safe, digital environment.

I received a tremendous amount of value from some folks that truly care.

So I’m not worried at all about moving away from the larger social media platforms for my professional network needs. In 2019, I can get authentic answers from an excellent group of professionals right here in TLDC. I feel confident I’m putting myself in some very capable hands!