Storyboard Playlist Kickoff with Kristen Hayden Safdie of Motivf

The regular time slot today kicks off the Storyboarding Playlist that runs back to back to back today. The first session brings Kristen Hayden Safdie of Motivf and she brings a wealth of knowledge to the window and talks with Toddi Norum about the ins-and-outs of Storyboarding and some amazing tools to make it happen.

  1. Whiteboarding apps
  2. Definition of Storyboard
  3. Practical example
  4. The parts of the storyboard
  5. Collaborative work
  6. Keeping organized
  7. More tools!

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Picture: Jakob Owens

A Conversation with Katie Stroud and guest host Toddi Norum

Guest host Toddi Norum steps in for Brent and talks storytelling with Katie Stroud live from her RV! Katie the founder of Incremental Success Inc. She offers strategies for organizational success using a process that follows the life of a story. She also has an upcoming book: Instructional Story Design: The Story Approach to Designing Effective Training Programs

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Talking about Maker spaces
  • Maker’s Hunt – a framework for a training and collaboration platform
  • How storytelling creates emotion and engagement
  • What makes storytelling so relevant in learning?
  • “The Hunting of the Snark” – Maker space training
  • The framework of a story
  • Using characters in the Maker Space
  • Storytelling in Training – 1st rule: Don’t tell the story, be subtle
  • Creating and distributing an engaging story in training with what you have
  • Dealing with stakeholders who complain about time creating a story in training
  • Tools used to create characters


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Special Guest Alex Godinez on Going Back to School for L&D

Today we are joined by Alex Godinez, the Senior Member Relationship Trainer at Travis Credit Union. He has dipped his toes in various fields throughout his life including screenwriting, acting, call center, video, public speaking, management, marketing, and voice-over work. Now fully recovered, he is the Senior Member Relationship Trainer at Travis Credit Union. Brent and Alex talk about going back to school to get into the L&D field.

  1. Alex’s history
  2. Getting back into school
  3. Managing life
  4. Stigmatism managing
  5. Balancing

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Picture: Mikael Kristenson

Special Guest Greg Owen-Boger Talks SME’s and Communication

Welcome to Tuesday! We have VP or Turpin Communication Greg Owen-Boger on and he specializes in communication consulting, training, and coaching. He brings his 20 years of experience in the field of talent development to the window to talk shop with Brent, specifically the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).

  1. Greg’s history
  2. Transition from acting to training
  3. Orderly Conversation
  4. Effective SMEs
  5. Getting the right people in the room
  6. Get untangled
  7. Executive presence
  8. Emotional intelligence
  9. Gravitas
  10. Story = event

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Wednesday TLDCast Guest: Andrew Hughes – Nick Taylor – DesigingDigitally

Today, good friend of TLDC, Andrew Hughes joined us for another great conversation about how DDInc creates, how they work with clients, and how they create a successful work culture. This was Nick’s first time on TLDCast and it was great to meet him for the first time. Andrew and Nick also gave a “first look” at their entry into the upcoming DemoFest. And just before we ran out of time Andrew handled the lightning round of questions with perfection.

  1. Introducing Nick Taylor
  2. How does Andrew Create a Successful Company Culture
  3. Demo of Project submitted for DevLearn’s DemoFest

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