Margie Meacham Talks Neuroscience, The Brain and the Body, and Spaced Learning

Notes for July 27, 2017.

The discussion was a deep dive on what neuroscience can tell us about the learning and development field. There were a lot of good questions in the Q&A and our special guest, Margie Meacham brought her expertise in the field to the table to answer them. Be sure to scroll up through the chat as well to get some participant insight as well!

  1. Training as a Science
  2. Discussing Learning Styles and Neuroscience
  3. The Brain is Part of the Body
  4. Spaced Learning
  5. Neuroscience in relation to AI

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Gold Nuggets

“Whether you know it or not, you are all working in science.”

“Your brain is connected to the body, don’t forget the body”

“Visual is the first language of the brain.”

Picture: Ben White