Open Forum – Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale talks Empathy, PM, and Gathering Data

Monday open forum brings Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale into a window to discuss his session from the previous weeks and discusses the world of empathy mapping, time management, and customer/co-worker relations.

  1. Startup Week review
  2. Mike’s presentation
  3. Gathering data process
  4. Don’t treat your SMEs like Data Points
  5. Empathy mapping
  6. Time management
  7. Eisenhower box
  8. Project management
  9. Planning templates

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Picture: Steve Harvey

Seeds of Insight Tuesday with Special Guest Steve Santamaria, CEO of Folio Photonics

Tuesday brings us Seed of Insight hosted by PeopleFirm. Their guest today is Steve Santamaria who is going to talk about his first year as CEO of Folio Photonics Inc. Bill and Steve talk about technology and how Steve well versed is identifying trends, understanding ecosystems and creating strategic plans that position technologies into industry control points, generating market presence, share and value.

  1. Steve’s history
  2. Development vs Business changes
  3. Focus on the objectives
  4. Releasing control
  5. Strengths and Weaknesses
  6. Learned skills
  7. Taking risks
  8. Integrity

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Picture: Fancycrave

Special Guest – Mike Simmons, a Seat at the Table

Notes for November 16, 2017

Special guest Mike Simmons shares his insight to the learning and development field coming from a sales and training background. The subjects came fast and furious and the text chat followed along and had some great questions for Mike. Make sure to scroll up through the chat while you watch the playback for some great side conversation.

  1. Mike’s history in the field
  2. “It’s the way we have always done it”
  3. Creating relationships
  4. How to slow yourself down
  5. A seat at the table
  6. The “w” questions
  7. Starbucks syndrome

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Golden Nuggets:

“Always keep the buttfumble door shut.”

Picture: Benjamin Child

Doug Bushee from DreamForce 2017

Notes for November 6, 2017

We welcome Doug Bushee from the floor of DreamForce today. He gave us a video guide through the open outdoor floor of the learning field and some insight to who attends a conference like this, what they take away from the conference, and some general Q&A session talk.

  1. Luis’s weekly forecast
  2. Dreamforce conference report
  3. Philanthropy
  4. Q&A from the conference
  5. Analytics

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Picture: ål nik

Lynne McNamee Talks Marketing and it’s Relation to L&D

Notes for August 15, 2017

We had a great conversation with special guest Lynne McNamee of Lone Armadillo Marketing agency. With marketing as her background, we started there and then made some stark comparisons to the L&D field, how we treat our end users, and how both of our departments are recognized within an organization. A lot of good questions in the chat as well, so be sure to scroll up through the interactions.

  1. Relation of marketing identity crisis to L&D
  2. Marketing as an agency compared to in-house
  3. Persona in the marketing world
  4. Spaced repetition
  5. Mobile availability necessity

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Gold Nuggets

“Understanding why/how people do things can/will have a significant impact on learning awareness at the top of the learning engagement funnel.”

“We are all millennials.”

“It doesn’t count if they don’t buy.”

“Some data is better than no date.”

Picture:  Nicolai Berntsen