Special Guest Mary Tolena talks Drum Circle Facilitation

Today is VideoFriday! Sam Rogers and Brent Schlenker host special guest Mary Tolena. She’s a drum circle facilitator who comes from the corporate world of Organizational Development. Mary also talked with us about creating her online course on drum circle facilitation using Teachable.

  1. Mary’s history
  2. Defining Drum Circle Facilitation
  3. What was it like getting started creating a course?
  4. Her learning journey creating her online course.
  5. How does a drum circle experience help enterprise organisations?

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Special Guest Jakub Zurawinski and Learning Battle Cards

Today’s guest is Jakub Zurawinski. He talked with us about Learning Battle Cards and how they can be used to help training organizations better discover and communicate learning design solutions in a card game format. it’s a tried and tested framework and tools that introduce design thinking into the instructional design space.

  1. Jakum’s history
  2. Introduction to Learning Battle Cards
  3. How LBC is being used across the globe

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Special Guest Jonathan Rock Shows How to Use PPT for Animations

Today we have one of our own, Jonathan Rock, in the window. Jonathan is like many of us in Training and L&D, he stumbled into his role accidentally. But he discovered that he loves it and he’s good at it. Today he showed us how to use Powerpoint to create animation videos for use in eLearning projects. Jonathan uses Articulate Storyline, but the same ppt output can be used in any authoring tool.

  1. Jonathan’s history
  2. How he learned about side scrolling ppt from Mel Milloway’s post
  3. Animated Titles with PPT – Stranger Things style example
  4. Powerpoint to Animated Gif
  5. How to Use Gifmaker.me
  6. Putting it all together in Articulate Storyline

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TianTian Xu’s 100daysofmotion blog post

My Stronger GMPs opening

How to draw shapes in PPT by Tom Kuhlman (2 parter)

David Charney’s storyline parallax walk cycle trick

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Special Guests Lisa Giacumo and Jeroen Breman

In today’s TLDCast, Lisa and Jeroen discussed: Designing for a global audience – Cultural considerations in instructional design.

Jeroen Breman is the learning and development coordinator for Grid U, the corporate university of Northwest Lineman College, at their Meridian, ID, campus. His current research interests focus on organizational performance and workplace learning, instructional design, and blended learning solutions in remote learning environments.

Lisa A. Giacumo is an assistant professor of organizational performance and workplace learning in the College of Engineering at Boise State University. Her current research interests are at the intersection of instructional design and workplace learning, including: data-based performance improvement solutions, social and digital media in training and workplace learning, global training initiatives, and competency development in instructional designers.

  1. Lisa and Jereon’s history
  2. Working with World Wildlife Fund Experience
  3. Why Involving Local Instructional Designers is Important
  4. Examples of Instructional Design that takes Culture into account

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Culture as a Design “Next”: Theoretical Frameworks to Guide New Design, Development, and Research of Learning Environments

Cross Cultural Design References

Cross Cultural Presentation – AETC Nov2015

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Special Guest Joseph Suarez Talks Room Design, Audio, and Podcasts

Today we have one of our own, Joseph Suarez, in the window. Joseph is an award-winning eLearning Developer with over 10 years of experience out of Columbus, OH. His passion for user-centered design, visual communication, and story-telling bleeds into the production of innovative learning experiences and associated media assets.

  1. Joseph’s history
  2. Podcasts in learning
  3. Creating a production room
  4. Podcast specifics
  5. Personality in speaking
  6. Q&A Session

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Picture: Jens Kreuter