Special Guest Topher Olsen on VideoFriday

Topher Olsen is our guest today. What a wonderful conversation. Topher is an L&D leader for Alliance Residencial Company and he is the recent winner of the Video Awards given by Training Magazine. His amazingly creative videos are all done internally with the help of a talented videography within the company.

  1. Topher’s History
  2. His Winning Video is a Parody Video for Onboarding New Employees
  3. How did he Light that scene?
  4. Things that we can all learn from his experiences
  5. Lightning round of questions

Links in the chat:

Winning Video on Vimeo
Traning Magazine Top 125 Submission
Hello Parody Video that Closed the Show

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Special Guest Myra Roldan talks Virtual Reality

Myra Roldan was our guest today. She brought some friends with her from EEVO Virtual Reality. They market themselves as a virtual reality product, but in my world, it’s actually interactive 360 video. It’s a fantastic solution and they are doing some great work to improve the engagement levels of training solutions.

  1. Myra Introduced her Guest from EEVO
  2. We talked about VR vs 360 Video
  3. Watched some demos from EEVO

Links in the chat:

EEVO Tutorial Video
WIRED Magazine article about VR
Myra’s VR FOV Template

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Special Guest Tameka Harris talks about Being a Newbie

Tameka Harris is our guest today. What a wonderful conversation. We talked a lot about what it’s like to be a newbie in the L&D industry.

  1. Tameka’s History
  2. She shared experiences of her past media production career
  3. How she transitioned to instructional design
  4. Discovering the dark gap of newbies transitioning from EDU to Corporate
  5. The tear down after your first real ID project

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Special TLDCast Open Forum

We were supposed to be talking with David Lee this morning but he was unable to attend. So we did what we do when things change, we just turned it into an open forum. And this one was interesting. We had a lot of great questions from the chat room and I did my best to answer them all.

  1. A short history of TLDCast
  2. When did IDIODC.com Get Started?
  3. How do you deal with Training Requests?
  4. A brief look at TextExpander
  5. How long do you keep source files for projects?

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