Open Forum – Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale talks Empathy, PM, and Gathering Data

Monday open forum brings Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale into a window to discuss his session from the previous weeks and discusses the world of empathy mapping, time management, and customer/co-worker relations.

  1. Startup Week review
  2. Mike’s presentation
  3. Gathering data process
  4. Don’t treat your SMEs like Data Points
  5. Empathy mapping
  6. Time management
  7. Eisenhower box
  8. Project management
  9. Planning templates

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Picture: Steve Harvey

“Mark”-day Conversation Around Communication

The Rings of Focus, ‘You’ portion, was the focus. There was some discussion around turning Monday into “Mark”day, but it was determined that we just need to keep it as a focus day on what the masses want to discuss. Communication rose to the surface and it was a go from there. We discussed platforms, reasons why we communicate, the triggers for face-to-face as opposed to text only, and the tips to using some of the platforms.

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Mike Simmons

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