Open Forum: Professional Development Resources and Tools

Today we got to see a special guest host — the man, the myth, the legend behind TLDC….LUIS MALBAS!

Luis is a founder of TLDC, a learning and development veteran, and the man behind much of the infrastructure of the community.

 Since Brent and Sam were unable to broadcast at our usual time, Luis guided a conversation about professional development.  What do folks do for professional development?  What are the preferred methods?  What are some memorable sessions?  A small but mighty group today with a robust discussion.

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Golden Nugget(s)

I’ve seen L&D on the cutting edge at organizations with DEEP pockets and management that supports them.

For me, the value of those big conferences don’t come close to justifying registration cost.

I think we should create a think tank type approach and focus around collaborative problem-solving.

We need #doers as much as #thinkers…#stackOverflow example- “Here’s how *I* got this problem solved- here’s someone else’s salutation.

#FailOutLoud – potentially a great track for a conference