#TLDCast Open Forum with Brent Schlenker

Today was an open forum as everyone makes their annual journey to DevLearn in Las Vegas. Because of our amazing community, we landed on a great topic. Jonathan Rock wanted to know how others learned from other departments in the business. We quickly landed on marketing as the department with the most in common with the digital content creation of a modern training organization. And the concept of a “Brief” in marketing can easily be applied to L&D and helpful in gathering the information we need to create the “story” that most accurately reflects what the learning solution should be.

We also discussed translation issues in L&D as Marco Faccini is currently joining us while experiencing an event in China.

  1. Tranlastion issues in training
  2. Departments we can learn from within the business
  3. What can we learn from the Marketing department
  4. The Learning Model Canvas

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Business Model Canvas

Learning Model Canvas

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Picture: Patryk Grądys

#TLDCast Special Guest Darryn Van Den Berg

Darryn has been disrupting the current education landscapes for the past 17 years, re-igniting curiosity to learn within the workplace. Regarded as a thought leader in Learning Assessments and applied Gamification he specializes in building and applying frameworks that demystify the ‘grey’ in complex systems maximizing sustained User Engagement and FUN engagement experiences.

Darryn continues to pioneer innovative ways to help people enjoy what they do – and ultimately convert productivity to business results. He uses the power of technology, augmented reality and progressive systems to enable his ideas.

  1. Darryn’s history
  2. Bartending and Training
  3. First Project training servers to improve sales
  4. Gamification that REALLY works

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Welcome to P4P Technology Engagement

Live learning in the week

mLearn Conference – MEET C.O.N.N.I.E.

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Video Friday with Colin Steed of LearningNow.tv

Video Friday is back with Brent and Sam hosting. Special guest Colin Steed joins the two today. He is the founder and executive producer of Learning Now tv. Colin has some 40 years’ experience in the learning and performance and publishing fields. Colin is co-founder and Chief Executive of the Learning & Performance Institute and founder of The Learning Awards, LearningLive, and the Learning Directors Network.

  1. Colin’s history
  2. Curation
  3. Technology advancements
  4. Q&A
  5. Podcasts
  6. Video Techniques
  7. Nerves and how to handle them
  8. Feedback

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Picture: Patryk Grądys

Special Guest Topher Olsen on VideoFriday

Topher Olsen is our guest today. What a wonderful conversation. Topher is an L&D leader for Alliance Residencial Company and he is the recent winner of the Video Awards given by Training Magazine. His amazingly creative videos are all done internally with the help of a talented videography within the company.

  1. Topher’s History
  2. His Winning Video is a Parody Video for Onboarding New Employees
  3. How did he Light that scene?
  4. Things that we can all learn from his experiences
  5. Lightning round of questions

Links in the chat:

Winning Video on Vimeo
Traning Magazine Top 125 Submission
Hello Parody Video that Closed the Show

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