Special Guest Randy Emelo Talks Mentoring

Notes for December 15, 2017

Special guest Randy Emelo, the founder and Chief Strategist at River, a mentoring software company brings his expertise in mentoring to the group for a great discussion. There were a good amount of questions in the Q&A that were addressed in the second half today and some great back-and-forth in the text chat as well. Be sure to scroll up through the chat when you listen to the playback.

  1. Randy’s history in the field
  2. Organizational development
  3. Human vs relational perspectives
  4. What makes good elearning courses
  5. Mentoring: where to start
  6. Mentoring network
  7. Types of mentoring
  8. Coaching vs Mentoring

Links in the Chat:



Watch the Video Replay:


Golden Nugget:

“Mentoring can help provide pathways to success that may not otherwise exist.”

Picture:  Jamie Taylor