Special Guest Sandra Burns Talks Online Training, LMS Creation, and Pull

Tuesday bring another great special guest with Sandra Burns lending her 20 years’ experience in training, marketing, graphic design, and instructional development. She has been a VP of Marketing for NetworkLand, an Account Manager for Xerox, and an Application Engineer at Adobe. Today, she drops in to talk about the evolution of online training and where we are today.

  1. Sandra’s history
  2. Online training evolution
  3. Graphic design in L&D
  4. LMS custom creation
  5. Sharing knowledge
  6. Pull

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Picture: Wes Hicks

Special Guest – Cindy Huggett on Virtual/Online Training

Today we have Cindy Huggett, CPLP, consultant, designer, facilitator, and author specializing in learning, technology, and leadership. She came to the room to discuss the ins and outs of virtual/online training, including the technology, tips and tricks, and innovations in the field. The chat was alive with input and interaction, so be sure to scroll back up through the chat to get some great insight.

  1. Cindy’s history
  2. Attraction to the tech
  3. Insights to advanced techniques
  4. Traditional class vs Virtual class
  5. Defining the ‘presenter’
  6. Moderator vs producer
  7. Trends in virtual training
  8. Breakouts
  9. Blended versions

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Picture: Gritte