Onboarding Playlist – Session 1 – Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale

This Monday is a special Monday and we open up the Onboarding Playlist event with Mike Simmons of Catalyst Sale joining Brent in the window and talking about why design, structure, and thinking should be part of your onboarding execution. It was a great lead in to the rest of the day, so be sure to join and become a member to see the entire playlist recordings.

  1. Onboarding/Induction as a concept
  2. What it takes to get up to speed
  3. Training?
  4. Tools to organize
  5. Continuation of onboarding
  6. Size of onboarding groups
  7. Clarity in onboarding decision making

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Open Forum – Brent talks Rings of Focus, Carlita Godsey Drops In

Today on TLDCast we had an Open Forum. So, as you can imagine, the conversation is unpredictable and today was no exception. But it was true to form and the community came through once again with some thoughtful ideas and experiences.

What makes an Open Forum Day even better is when someone from the community volunteers to jump into video and participate as a guest. Carlita Godsey (@learningTek) joined Brent today and they discussed some of the challenges she is facing in her new role within a non-profit. The chat room had a lot of great feedback for her as we learned more about who her audience is and what type of learning infrastructure she is looking to setup.

We also talked about the Rings of Focus briefly today. Brent has not mentioned them in a while and it’s always good to relook at them and understand the different parts of the work that we do. You can find the graphic here: https://www.tldc.us/RingsOfFocus.png

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Kati Ryan Talks Psychology, Onboarding, and Client Fit

We are joined by Kati Ryan in the window today. Kati is a professionally trained and engaging public speaker and subject matter expert and brings her years of experience in the L&D field through time at companies like Instacart, Gannett, and LivingSocial.

  1. Kati’s history
  2. Psychology in L&D
  3. Managing IDs
  4. Learning culture brand
  5. Onboarding
  6. Deliverables after goals
  7. Social media in the work place
  8. Client fit for contractors
  9. Startups vs Fortune 500s

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Special Guest Paul Bouffleur on Distance Learning, Fluff, and VR Application

Today we have special guest and long-time member of TLDC, Paul Bouffleur. He brings over 17 years’ experience in Project Management and Talent Development to the boxes and shares his expertise in the field of Instructional Design, onboarding, and dealing with remote training.

  1. Paul’s history
  2. People not tech
  3. Distance learning tech
  4. VR application
  5. Real interaction vs virtual interaction
  6. Cut the fluff
  7. Q&A from Ask a Question

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Open Forum – Projects – Onboarding

Notes for November 28, 2017

We had a guest that needed to drop out due to sickness, so we took a turn to the Q&A and went off on a tangent. Onboarding became the theme of the day and we got a lot of great feedback in the text chat as well as a few regulars jumping into the video/audio chat to share. Make sure you scroll up through the text chat for some great interaction on the subject today!

  1. Open forum
  2. Onboarding
  3. Who handles onboarding
  4. Links to employee’s happiness
  5. Beacons
  6. What is included in onboarding?

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