Special Guest – Troy Nguyen on Noble-Self

Notes for November 9, 2017

We had a special guest today. Troy Nguyen brings his unique insight to learning through developing the noble-self and its extensions. There were some great visuals shown while Troy walked us through his ideas of business and personal growth ideas. The text chat was on fire with controversy and conversation, so be sure to scroll up through the chat while you watch the video playback.

  1. Troy’s history
  2. Personal vs. professional growth
  3. Noble-self description
  4. Mentors
  5. Ethos in society
  6. Interconnected core values/Share prosperity

Links in the Chat:






Watch the Video Replay:


Golden Nuggets:

“As a millennial, I would say the fantasy of becoming self-actualized comes from 1) Exposure to a huge amount of information from a young age 2) With the financial collapse, getting by itself became a bit of a grind so we’re looking for a way out of that.”

Picture:  Pablo Heimplatz