Special Guest Margie Meacham Talking About the Brain

Today we are joined by Margie Meacham who is an author and learning consultant and an expert in applying the latest discoveries from the converging fields of learning science and artificial intelligence to enhance learning and performance. Margie is the Chief Freedom Officer of Learningtogo and hosts a Top Ten podcast on the science of learning. The author of “Brain Matters: How to help anyone learn anything using neuroscience” believes that if you understand how the brain works you will become a better teacher, trainer, leader, spouse or parent and have more fun doing it. Today Margie and Brent talk about how the brain is affected by outside sources.

  1. Margie’s History
  2. Study of the brain
  3. Survival by the brain
  4. Strong bonds in the brain
  5. Adaptation to the world
  6. Fun?
  7. Short term vs long term memories
  8. Multi-tasking
  9. Training and the brain

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Special Guest Steve Wexler Talks Data Visualization

Today we have Steve Wexler in the hot seat. Steve is a Tableau Zen Master, Iron Viz Champion, and Certified Tableau Trainer who has developed thousands of interactive data visualizations. He is currently the principal of Data Revelations, a consultancy that helps organizations understand and share their data. Steve has also written several bestselling computer books and is a top presenter at trade shows and conferences. Brent and Steve talk about Data Visualization today.

  1. Steve’s History
  2. Anscombe’s Quartet
  3. You need to see it
  4. Practical tests
  5. What is data visualization?
  6. Color, size, bars, etc.
  7. Make the data simpler
  8. Color as a tool
  9. Make the data about the user

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Special Guest Dr. Joe Pulichino Talks Definitions, Technology, and Training Trends

At the middle point in the week, we have special guest Dr. Joe Pulichino. He has a rich history in the field of learning and development with over 40 years as a teacher, instructional designer, and consultant in corporate, K-12, and higher education settings, and as a manager of education departments and businesses at organizations large and small from start-ups to global multi-nationals. His expertise covers leadership development; sales, compliance, & technical training; teaching English as a second language; human capital and talent management; and assessment, evaluation, and performance management. Joe drops in to share his vast experience with the group.

  1. Joe’s history
  2. Defining training/learning
  3. Old school vs. new school
  4. Classroom vs OJT or both
  5. Trends in technology

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Open Forum – Brent talks Rings of Focus, Carlita Godsey Drops In

Today on TLDCast we had an Open Forum. So, as you can imagine, the conversation is unpredictable and today was no exception. But it was true to form and the community came through once again with some thoughtful ideas and experiences.

What makes an Open Forum Day even better is when someone from the community volunteers to jump into video and participate as a guest. Carlita Godsey (@learningTek) joined Brent today and they discussed some of the challenges she is facing in her new role within a non-profit. The chat room had a lot of great feedback for her as we learned more about who her audience is and what type of learning infrastructure she is looking to setup.

We also talked about the Rings of Focus briefly today. Brent has not mentioned them in a while and it’s always good to relook at them and understand the different parts of the work that we do. You can find the graphic here: https://www.tldc.us/RingsOfFocus.png

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Kati Ryan Talks Psychology, Onboarding, and Client Fit

We are joined by Kati Ryan in the window today. Kati is a professionally trained and engaging public speaker and subject matter expert and brings her years of experience in the L&D field through time at companies like Instacart, Gannett, and LivingSocial.

  1. Kati’s history
  2. Psychology in L&D
  3. Managing IDs
  4. Learning culture brand
  5. Onboarding
  6. Deliverables after goals
  7. Social media in the work place
  8. Client fit for contractors
  9. Startups vs Fortune 500s

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