Thomas Shayon Harrell on Why It’s Great to Work in Training

Thomas Harrell is a learning leader at Master Electronics and talks with us about how he approaches the learning culture in the enterprise. He is a department of one, and tells us how he continues to be successful within the business.

  1. Thomas’s Background
  2. What He Has Learned at Master Electronics as a leader
  3. How Master Electronics Leadership Views learning and development

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Ant Pugh on Why Training Should Take Lessons From Youtube

Broadcasting from Bali, Indonesia, Ant Pugh is a Digital Nomad that specializes in Design and Media Production with his L&D Company, Videobites.

Ant gave us his backstory into how he transitioned from being a designer to a trainer, and why. He also went into his current endeavor as a youtube vlogger, using styles pulled from Casey Neistat, Gary Vaynerchuck, Peter McKinnon, to make his training more engaging. These vloggers garner millions of youtube views annually, so why not integrate them into your training? We highly encourage you to watch and subscribe to Ant’s youtube channel here:

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