Seeds of Insight Tuesday with Special Guest Steve Santamaria, CEO of Folio Photonics

Tuesday brings us Seed of Insight hosted by PeopleFirm. Their guest today is Steve Santamaria who is going to talk about his first year as CEO of Folio Photonics Inc. Bill and Steve talk about technology and how Steve well versed is identifying trends, understanding ecosystems and creating strategic plans that position technologies into industry control points, generating market presence, share and value.

  1. Steve’s history
  2. Development vs Business changes
  3. Focus on the objectives
  4. Releasing control
  5. Strengths and Weaknesses
  6. Learned skills
  7. Taking risks
  8. Integrity

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Special guest Andre Nellams of Alask Airlines on HR, Planning, and Story

A new idea starts today! Tuesday will bring more of an HR and leadership direction to the cast and the special guest to kick it off is Andre Nellams of Alaska Airlines is a HR Leader, HR Geek, Strategic Partner, Facilitator, Passion for all things Human Resources. He has 18 years of human resources experience; 13 years of senior level human resources experience introducing, building and implementing human resources programs and initiatives.

  1. Andre’s History
  2. Own your story
  3. Empowering others
  4. Thoughtful leadership
  5. 100% right and 100% wrong
  6. Discretionary effort
  7. Grace
  8. See the people
  9. Where is L&D in this?

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Open Forum – Brent talks Rings of Focus, Carlita Godsey Drops In

Today on TLDCast we had an Open Forum. So, as you can imagine, the conversation is unpredictable and today was no exception. But it was true to form and the community came through once again with some thoughtful ideas and experiences.

What makes an Open Forum Day even better is when someone from the community volunteers to jump into video and participate as a guest. Carlita Godsey (@learningTek) joined Brent today and they discussed some of the challenges she is facing in her new role within a non-profit. The chat room had a lot of great feedback for her as we learned more about who her audience is and what type of learning infrastructure she is looking to setup.

We also talked about the Rings of Focus briefly today. Brent has not mentioned them in a while and it’s always good to relook at them and understand the different parts of the work that we do. You can find the graphic here:

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Kati Ryan Talks Psychology, Onboarding, and Client Fit

We are joined by Kati Ryan in the window today. Kati is a professionally trained and engaging public speaker and subject matter expert and brings her years of experience in the L&D field through time at companies like Instacart, Gannett, and LivingSocial.

  1. Kati’s history
  2. Psychology in L&D
  3. Managing IDs
  4. Learning culture brand
  5. Onboarding
  6. Deliverables after goals
  7. Social media in the work place
  8. Client fit for contractors
  9. Startups vs Fortune 500s

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Special Guest Peter Casebow of GoodPractice

We have special guest Peter Casebow of GoodPractice and he shares his insight after 30 years in the business of helping people make smarter, evidence-led choices that can have a real impact on performance as it relates specifically to leaders and managers.

  1. Peter’s history
  2. Knowing to the doing
  3. The ‘me’ question
  4. Data says it all
  5. How do leaders learn
  6. Ask a Question box

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