Open Forum: TLDC History, Disappearing Tech, and a Better LMS

Our special guest could not make it today, so Brent took a chance to share his insight to the L&D community and the TLDC community, specifically. It was a good talk on new members, the history of TLDC, and how big the community is getting. We dove into a discussion around technology that is fading and it triggered a talk on the LMS and how to make it better or how to make something completely new.

  1. TLDC background
  2. What’s in a name
  3. Technology fading
  4. Rework the LMS idea
  5. The future of the LMS idea

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Picture: Filipe Dos Santos Mendes

Special Guest Katrina Marie Baker Talks LMS, Learning Tech Collective, and Contracts

Sam Rogers steps into the host box today and we have special guest Katrina Marie Baker who has a wealth of knowledge consulting for Canon, Verizon, Xerox, and the U.S. Government in the learning technology space. She talks about everything around consulting in the LMS field and the LMS in general.

  1. Katrina’s background
  2. The job of the LMS
  3. Advice on the consulting route
  4. LMS/LRS meld
  5. Common mistakes
  6. Learning Tech Collective
  7. Financing an LMS
  8. Contracts
  9. Q&A Session
  10. Adaptive Learning Paths

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Picture: Sanwal Deen

Special Guest Ben Betts of HT2 Talks With Guest Host Jo Cook

Today we welcome Ben Betts of HT2 Labs to the video window. He brings 15 years of L&D experience to the group and talk with our guest guide, Jo Cook. It was a very informative session that took us from chat boards to AI and retrieving data. Be sure to scroll up through the chat as you listen to the play back for some great text based conversation!

  1. Ben’s/HT2 history
  2. History of chat boards
  3. xAPI insight
  4. Data security
  5. Neural networking
  6. LRS vs. LMS
  7. Retrieving data

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Picture: Zach Meaney

Special Guest Janet Clarey Talks LMS, the Human Element, and AI in Training

Special guest Janet Clarey, manager in Learning & Development Research at Bersin by Deloitte joins us in the video window. She works in the area of learning culture, high-impact learning organization maturity, and learning management systems. She brings over 15 years of L&D experience to the discussion. We discussed the world of the LMS and how it fits into a company’s architecture.

  1. Janet’s history
  2. Content management
  3. Next generation LMSs
  4. What the company wants in training
  5. AI choosing training
  6. Keeping the boring training human
  7. Learning experience platforms
  8. New LMS features that stand out

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Picture: Mia Baker