Video Friday with Host Sam Rogers on Lighting, Audio, and Cameras

Video Friday brings us Sam Rogers live on location in Las Vegas and answering your questions on video and performing some live assistance with video streams. Be sure to scroll up through the chat as you watch this one, there are a lot of great nuggets of information in the text!

  1. Ring light talk
  2. Bouncing light
  3. Microphone talk
  4. Cable ingenuity
  5. Sound mixing
  6. Camera advice
  7. Ask a Question round

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Picture: Matt Botsford

Video Friday with Guests Matt Pierce and John Kissinger

On a video Friday, we had no shortage of talent in the windows talking about video and audio as it relates to general recording operations. We were joined by Matt Pierce and John Kissinger who shared their wealth of knowledge about microphones, lighting, speakers and headphones.

  1. Video lighting
  2. Audio speakers/headphones
  3. Audio treatment
  4. Sound proofing tricks
  5. What level of quality do you want?
  6. Q&A speed round

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Picture: Frank Septillion

Video Friday – How Dating Relates to Video – Special Guest, Diana Howles

It was an action packed Video Friday with special guest, Diana Howles of Howles Asssociates. She had tips, tricks, and behind the scenes ideas on video from start to finish. There was discussion around how to act behind the camera and in front of the camera, as well as banter in the chat and video about the difference between recorded video and live video. It was a rolling chat with a lot of outside talk and a video packed full of insight into the professional video world. Be sure to watch the video for all the details.

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Diana Howles

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Golden Nugget(s)

“Live video is the meeting for coffee (informal) and webinar, Vlog is the dinner date (more formal with info). Thought that was clever.”

“Everything is good on video Friday”

“Remember what is in the frame at ALL times.”v