TLDCast – Special Guest Danielle Wallace

Danielle Wallace joined us today to talk about marketing & eLearning. Danielle started her career in marketing and is now one of us, a learning and development professional.

We discussed the 2 sides of marketing as it pertains to what we do. In one sense we can learn from marketing to better market our learning solutions to those who need them. The other side of the conversation is more interesting and covers how we can deliver learning solutions using marketing strategies.

Should the idea of a campaign be adopted by L&D? We talked about it.

Marketers also make better use of storytelling and drama to impact their market audience emotionally. That’s one thing we don’t do very well in L&D. Being creative in our solutions is something we discussed and agree that learning professionals need to get better at applying.

It’s an amazing conversation!

Watch the episode here: