500th Episode – Video Friday

Video Friday is back with a bang on our 500th episode! Sam and Brent drop in to talk about the lessons learned at TLDC19, general video tips and tricks, and look back at the history of TLDCast. We had a bunch of the community drop into the video and discuss how they found TLDC and what it has meant to them.

  1. 500th Episode!!
  2. Take aways from TLDC19
  3. Community chime in

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Special Guest – Kasper Spiro on Fundamental Changes in Learning

Notes for October 5, 2017

We had special guest Kasper Spiro in the video window today. He came to us from the Netherlands and brings with him over 30 years of experience in the learning field. The subject of the day is Fundamental changes in learning and, boy, did it spur on some good conversations in chat. There were ideas that were refuted and argued and praised, so make sure to scroll up through the text chat while you watch the playback.

  1. Fundamental changes in comparison
  2. Evolution of training creation
  3. IDs adaptation
  4. The world of content creation tools
  5. Knowledge sharing
  6. New solutions

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Golden Nuggets:

“No need to reinvent the wheel. Unless – you are planning to sell that wheel.”

Picture:  Ross Findon