Rings of Focus – You – Independence Day Setup

Show Notes – July 3, 2017

It was a great ‘focus on you’ Monday. We had An Coppens from Gamification Nation in the video window discussing a topic she was having a hard time tackling. The team took on the subject of what to do when a client rejects every item you present. We circled around committees and how they review output as compared to a direct client relationship. The comparison between presenting coursework for approval from a contractors perspective to that of a company perspective was touched on as well. The chat was alive with ideas and suggestions on the subject so make sure you scroll up through the chat while you listen to the video.

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An Coppens https://twitter.com/an-coppens

Craig Sybert https://twitter.com/Craig_Sybert

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Gold Nuggets

“Focus on being the Process expert, not the content expert.”