PeopleFirm with Guest Kim Wells of Fred Hutch

Tuesday bring us Seeds of Insight with PeopleFirm and special guest Kim Wells. Kim is the head of OD and Learning at Fred Hutch and Michelle Fanfarillo and Bill Harrison will have her shed some light her mission to build leaders, her race to cure cancer, and how those two things are working together.

  1. Big task ahead
  2. Blocks that leaders have
  3. Capacity and capability
  4. Kim’s History
  5. Car-wash mentality
  6. Coach the individual and the system

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Special Guest Daniel Menden

Today, Brent Schlenker speaks to Daniel Menden about his career, working at Harley-Davidson and being in the industry for over 25 years. Dan is an international speaker, trainer and consultant with over 20 years of success in helping organizations improve their performance.

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Daniel’s backstory
  • Starting at Harley-Davidson to working in Harley’s L&D
  • Analyzing learning challenges in employee training
  • What worked in the Leadership program
  • Measuring success & implementing long-term learning
  • What bike Daniel has
  • Lessons learned from the program on people skills for supervisors and outcomes
  • Contributing to books, being an author
  • Moving on up from Individual Contributor to a Leadership role
  • Being intentional about your personal brand
  • From corporate to consulting
  • Thoughts on Technology-based training over 25 years

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Special Guest Kristi Conlon Talks About Growing in Leadership on Seeds of Insights

Today, Brent, Michelle, and Bill talk with Kristi Conlon about the challenges of being an executive leader in the L&D space on Seeds of Insights.  Kristi is a Director of Global Learning and Development for ASM, responsible for strategic design, evaluation and improvement of all programs and processes that facilitate professional and technical development, as well as the continuous learning of employees across the global ASM organization.

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Kristi’s leadership background
  • What Kristi learned in her 1st year
  • Tips for other potential L&D Directors
  • Leading and engaging employees and audience
  • Developing for leaders and investing in L&D
  • Supporting your team with what they need
  • Defining the leadership capability to focus and build
  • Leading with authenticity
  • Coaching support for leaders
  • Staying connected with other leaders in the business
  • Maintaining leadership capacity
  • Becoming a culture change agent
  • Women’s Initiative at ASM
  • Final announcements

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Special Guest Elliot Garbus Talks Leadership on Seeds of Insights

Today, Brent Schlenker and Michelle Fanfarillo reminisce about their time at Intel with Elliot Garbus and talk leadership development. Elliot is an advisor on strategy, management, and marketing for technology companies. Here are his current affiliations:

AEye, Inc. Member of the Board of Advisors. AEye develops advanced vision hardware, software and algorithms that act as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles.

Orbotech, Member of the Board of Advisors. Orbotech is a leading global supplier of equipment and solutions for the manufacture of electronics products.

Motion Warriors, Member of the Board of Advisors. Motion Warriors is an early stage startup that has developed a breakthrough camera motion control system targeting film makers.

Brightskies Technology, Member of the Board of Advisors. Brightskies in an engineering services firm specializing in functional safety for automotive application, and high performance computing.

Public Speaker: Having had a front seat on the initial stages of the commercialization of autonomous vehicles, I present on the technology and the disruptive business models that will accompany the arrival of fully autonomous vehicles.

Discussion outline:

  • Introduction – Michelle talks about how she and Elliot met
  • Sharing stories from back at Intel
  • Talking about past & current climate of Learning and Development, relevancy of ISD
  • Elliot rejoins the chat, talks about getting into speaking gigs
  • Discussing Elliot’s leadership history, letting go and lessons learned
  • Talking about transitioning into a new role and industry
  • Getting your message/vision to the people
  • Managing huge changes, leading by asking questions, and celebrating endings for the team to move on
  • TLDC conference plug
  • Sharing leadership philosophy, mindset in Automotive industry
  • How feedback on direction varied by culture, communication styles, working with that dialog
  • Dealing with feedback as an effective leader
  • Valuing dotted line support staff, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Seeds of Insight on break: Dec. 18th – Jan 1st

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The Leadership Pipeline

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

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Special Guest Host Joseph Suarez talks professional development

Guest host Joseph Suarez, eLearning developer and multimedia producer, facilitates an open forum on professional development as an act of working out loud towards his own professional development around impromptu public speaking.  Some of the topics discussed included

1. Professional development
2. Public & impromptu speaking
3. Exploring AR/VR feasibility
4. Capturing notes & OCR
5. Entry level video and image capture and editing
6. Mentorships – formal & informal
7. Personal learning networks (PLN)
8. Emotional intelligence and personality traits
9. Work environments – physical & digital