Rings of Focus – “You” – What TLDChat Can Do For You

Notes for October 30, 2017

Back to the center of the Rings of Focus today and we start off like we do every week in the center with “You.” It was an open conversation around how to get value from TLDChat, as well as from others in the field. The text chat was rife with ideas on how to get value from all the networks out there, including TLDChat, so be sure to scroll up through the text to get all the juicy nuggets!

  1. Weekly preview
  2. Crowd questions
  3. Soft skills guidance
  4. Making connections in the field
  5. Engagement in the field

Links in the Chat:



Watch the Video Replay:


Golden Nuggets:

“If you cannot spare an hour two or three times a week then (A) change your job (B) change your life.”

Picture: Johannes Wredenmark