Seeds of Insight with Guest Carla Balen

Tuesday is Seeds of Insight day with the support of PeopleFirm. Today, Brent talks to Carla Balen, the Vice President of Human Resources, Americas for Dr Martens in Portland, OR. Carla believes in goal focused people processes that help build a positive and supportive work culture; aligning all employees to business objectives. They discuss the ins and outs of guiding those in the corporate world that are moving into leading others.

  1. Carla’s history
  2. Practical applications
  3. Changing culture
  4. Performance plans
  5. Change management
  6. Leading as a mental change
  7. Model the right attitudes

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Special guest Andre Nellams of Alask Airlines on HR, Planning, and Story

A new idea starts today! Tuesday will bring more of an HR and leadership direction to the cast and the special guest to kick it off is Andre Nellams of Alaska Airlines is a HR Leader, HR Geek, Strategic Partner, Facilitator, Passion for all things Human Resources. He has 18 years of human resources experience; 13 years of senior level human resources experience introducing, building and implementing human resources programs and initiatives.

  1. Andre’s History
  2. Own your story
  3. Empowering others
  4. Thoughtful leadership
  5. 100% right and 100% wrong
  6. Discretionary effort
  7. Grace
  8. See the people
  9. Where is L&D in this?

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