Guests: Too Many To Name – Higher Education and L&D

Show Notes – July 13, 2017

Full house today! Cara North was the guest host and there was a massive panel of Dawn Snyder (Franklin University and The Ohio State University), Sean Hickey (Columbus State Community College), and Andy Hughes (University of Cincinnati). How is that for a room full of intellect! The topic of the day focused on the role of higher education in L&D, but took many different turns. We talked about the role of an instructional designer, how to classify an instructional designer, the differences between academically taught IDs and those that fall into the profession, internships and, lastly, how do we move forward with bringing new people into the L&D workforce. The text chat was frantic with great ideas and proposed solutions, so please read all the way up while you listen to the recast! Be sure to watch the text chat where some of the guests list what their hire education degrees are in before they entered into the L&D field.

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