Special Guest Todd Brown Talks GTD, Decision Making, and Confidence

Today we have a special guest Todd Brown, the co-founder of Next Action Associates. He talks with Brent in the window about the GTD attitude and how to apply that to training and coaching in the industry. It was a great conversation on how to streamline your process and set up your time to get the most from your day.

  1. Todd’s history
  2. Dealing with the inputs
  3. Confidence in decisions
  4. Workflow model
  5. Tasks
    1. Capture – All that is coming in.
    2. Clarify – Make sense of things we captured; what is the next step?
    3. Organizing – What does it look like for you?
    4. Review – What would I look at when?
    5. Engaging – How do I chose what to do?
  6. Q&A session
  7. Software suggestions

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Picture: rawpixel.com