Special Guest Andy Hughes of Designing Digitally

Thursday brings Andy Hughes of Designing Digitally into the window. For nearly a decade, Andrew Hughes has made it his personal mission to ensure that commonly-used ineffective and lackluster training techniques are a thing of the past. Realizing his passion for changing the way we learn and evolve, in 2006 Andrew founded and became President of Designing Digitally, Inc., an E-Learning and Serious Game Development firm that creates fully customized learner retention solutions for various types of industries.

  1. Andy’s history
  2. Group think
  3. xAPI
  4. Data
  5. Content verification vs structural gamification
  6. Rewards for training
  7. Security
  8. Real world examples from Designing Digitally

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Picture: Carl Raw

Special Guest Andrew Hughes of Designing Digitally

Andy Hughes of Designing Digitally drops in the window today to give some real world examples of serious games and virtual environment solutions. Andy is the founder and president of Designing Digitally, Inc, an eLearning developer, and professor at the University of Cincinnati Clermont in the Business, Law, and Technology Department.

  1. Process changes
  2. Game based learning
  3. Jack and Jill
  4. Impact on business process
  5. Designers working with programmers

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Picture: Lux Interaction

Video Friday Special Guest: Zsolt Olah Talks Mighty Cards

For Video Friday, we have Zsolt Olah in the window today to talk about his Mighty Cards for use in finding out what type of issues stakeholders are facing. Zsolt has a great history of speaking about gamification in the L&D world and is a digital problem solver at Kineo.

  1. Mighty Cards
  2. The power of “buying in”
  3. Action mapping
  4. Getting silos to communicate
  5. Action mapping example
  6. Game design insight

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Picture: A J

Video Friday – Matt Pierce on the Techsmith Academy

Video Friday is back! We have Sam Rogers in hot seat and Matt Pierce as our guest with a great special message just for TLDCast! Matt went over the Techsmith Academy with the group and discussed his thought process behind setting up this resource.

  1. Matt Pierce background
  2. Sharing the Techsmith Academy
  3. Video production timeline
  4. Write, script, film, post
  5. Shapes in scripting
  6. Video for learning
  7. Relating story-telling and scripts to games

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Picture: Ethan Robertson

Special Guest – Bryan Jones Talks Trends in the L&D Industry

Notes for February 6, 2018

Guest Bryan Jones brings record breaking attendance to the chat today. He is the founder and President of elearningart.com and he shares his insight to the current status of the elearning and training field through is trends report from the community. With so many people in the chat room, there was a lot to review in the text chat, so make sure to scroll up through the chat when you listen to the playback.

  1. Bryan’s history
  2. Trends in the industry
  3. Stand-outs in the list
  4. xAPI
  5. Gamification
  6. Trends personally or in the industry?
  7. AI
  8. Chasing trends
  9. Creative side of training creation

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Picture: William Iven