L&D and Marketing: Unlocking the Key to the Business

Brent Schlenker and Chad Bellin

It’s no secret…

…the world of marketing has been overlapping more and more into the day to day practices of the Learning, and Development Professional. Most see this crossover as a simple and typical “we need to ‘convince’ our learners to ‘buy’ our training”.

But there’s so much more.

On Wednesday, February 28th, Brent Schlenker had a great TLDCast discussion with Chad Bellin of Mindspace, a Creative Learning Agency.

Mindspace happens to be much more than an L&D group; they have the creativity, skills, and experience of a solid marketing organization, which makes them one of the best L&D agencies in our industry.

How so? Read on.

“We define learning as transferring knowledge from one place to another,” says Chad Bellin, Director of Products and Strategy at Mindspace. And to effectively make that transfer happen at an organization, Mindspace does much more than simply show employees how to do their jobs, but integrate brand, culture, and story into the process. Doing this begins a conversation, a critical opportunity to ensure knowledge transfer.

Think Like A Marketer

But to integrate those elements, trainers must think like a marketer. It’s not just about building employee training, but being a part of the story. That’s something marketers do very well.

Additionally, it’s also important to factor in the “individuality” of the training they’re building to fit in with who the company is. “It’s not good enough to just kind of rifle through the stock static training”, Chad states. It’s the attention to detail that makes Mindspace unique, and their training is superior to most.

Share Some Lunch

Another important factor: Since they’re solid marketers, it’s much easier to create relationships with internal marketing teams. “First, take your marketing person out to lunch,” Chad suggests. “Develop a relationship and open the lines of communication. Because without that, you’re making assumptions, they’re making assumptions, they don’t know you, you don’t know them, and so there’s this buildup of tension to the point where it’s going to be a problem”.

“Communication is really the key to opening and unlocking that key to the business”.

How do you use marketing techniques to build your training? Let know in our Slack workgroup, TLDChat.

And don’t forget to take your marketing contact to lunch!

You can find the entire conversation Brent Schlenker had with Chad Bellin here.

And if you’d like show notes for the TLDCast and more, you can find that here.

Brent Talks with Chad Bellin of Mindspace About Creativity

Show Notes – February 28, 2018

Today Brent is live from the Mindspace offices and talking about creativity. Brent brought on Chad Bellin, director of products and strategy at Mindspace to discuss their company and his take on creativity. It was an interesting conversation around creativity in the chat while Brent and Chad discussed how those ideas translate into the real world.

  1. A quick tour of Mindspace office
  2. Quantifying creativity
  3. Experiments and failing
  4. Going into a first conversation with a client
  5. Change management
  6. Working well with others
  7. Connection conundrums

Links in the chat:



Watch the Playback:


Picture: Ricardo Viana