Finding an eLearning Vendor You’ll Keep for the Long Haul

Finding the right organization to partner with in bringing a vision to pass is invaluable. Many eLearning professional service providers are forming working relationships that extend beyond the one-and-done experiences that were common in the past.

The shifting landscape bears out an emerging team approach that’s beneficial for all involved. Some remain skeptical, having been burned by bad experiences in the past. The reality is, the problem lies not with the collaboration itself, but rather with partnering with the wrong eLearning vendor.

What to look for

A good working relationship will only be established if the eLearning vendor lives up to the necessary standards.

Here are some ways to identify a vendor with whom it’s worth forming a continuing relationship:

  • Find out how long they’ve been in business. It’s generally safe to assume that an eLearning vendor who has been in business for four or five years is a credible and stable company with which to work.
  • Be familiar with what they know. Look at their website and get a feel for what they’re all about. What is the tone of their website? Is the website itself well done? Questions like these can provide information about their capabilities.
  • Check with their references and long-term clients. If a vendor has been able to keep clients happy and satisfied over a long period of working together, it’s a good sign that they’ll be able to continue that same type relationship with other companies.
  • See if they have the capability to grow. Will they be able to handle additional work if the relationship proves to be fruitful for both parties? Find out if they are willing to increase the volume of their work to accommodate their customer’s needs.
  • Find out how they keep up with trends in the industry. Are they working to continuously improve and stay abreast of the latest innovations in their field? This bodes well for sustained collaboration in the future.
  • Request samples of their work. This allows one to see firsthand what the quality of the vendor’s work is before committing to anything.
  • Find out what their development process entails. Assess whether or not their working methods are a good fit. Ask to see some past projects to verify that the process they claim to follow is what they actually do.
  • Ask how many projects they have worked on. It’s a good idea to find out how experienced the team is. Ask about the kinds of projects they have done, as well. If they’ve successfully carried out a large number of projects of varying kinds, it’s a good indicator that they’ll be an adequate match with which to partner.
  • Understand how they work and communicate. Getting a feel for how their team works on projects and their office timing will provide clues as to their compatibility with others.
  • Ask what they do with jobs they can’t handle themselves. Who are they outsourcing their work to? Is it a credible vendor? Sometimes it pays to dig a little deeper to head off any potential issues.   

Good working relationships with eLearning vendors will be beneficial for both parties far into the future.

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