Special Guests: Myra Roldan and Ann Rollins on Conference Prep

Today we are joined by Myra Roldan and Ann Rollins in the windows. They are going to discuss the ins and outs of L&D conference prep. They both have years of experience in the L&D field and in the speaking circuit to share with the participants today.

  1. Myra and Annie’s history
  2. Idea sharing
  3. What to talk about
  4. Timing your talking
  5. Your first presentation
  6. Start small
  7. Q&A

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Picture: Mikael Kristenson

Megan Torrance and Connie Malamed

Surprise TLDC takeover by Megan Torrance and Connie Malamed!

Join two of the industry’s premiere Instructional Designers for a conversation that touches a little bit of everything. From the upcoming Instructional Design Academy event (August) to ADDIE in the classroom, Megan and Connie cover a whole lot of ground.

Here’s more information on the ID Academy: http://www.torrancelearning.com/id-academy/

Link to the recording is HERE.

Chat text for the session HERE.

TLDC Playlist Opener with Guest Kassy LaBorie

We kick off the TLDC Playlist of Virtual Classroom Training with Kassy LaBorie who has a wealth of online classroom training. She brings her unique view and insight to the room and discusses all the ins and outs of presenting through the screen as opposed to in the classroom.

  1. A brief history of Kassy.
  2. Struggles with technology
  3. What is online training?
  4. Keeping the group small
  5. Be in the environment
  6. Make it about the people
  7. Activity suggestions
  8. Master the technology
  9. Q&A Session

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Picture:  neil godding

Special Guest Cynthia Clay Talks Engagement, Walking Managers, and Six Principles

Today we have special guest Cynthia Clay, the CEO of NetSpeed Learning Solutions and the author of Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative, and Fun. She brings her knowledge of the virtual learning field to the window and talks with Brent about current trends in virtual learning.

  1. Cynthia’s background
  2. Validity to our backgrounds
  3. Active engagement = active brains
  4. Slow wave sleep
  5. Timing your training
  6. Walking around managers
  7. The six principles

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Picture: Christian Fregnan

TLDC UK Meetup is On Its Way – June 21st

After a spectacular TLDC18 in Phoenix, AZ at the end of January, a few of us here put our heads together at The Training, Learning and Development Community. We are the most active group of L&D professionals around the world and we want to continue to celebrate this fact.

Even with daily TLDCasts — webcast conversations with influential L&D professionals — and actively moderated Slack TLDChat Workspaces, our aim is to maximise your professional development. We believe long lasting value comes from “hallway conversations” that occur when L&D networks come together; we work to recreate these as much as possible. Building networks and meeting people in your field, swapping ideas or sharing concerns, and getting together will help to enhance your connection.

We have an active and thriving community of L&D professionals in the UK, but due to distance it can be hard to have the face to face interactions that adds so much value.

This is why we are excited to announce the first ever TLDC UK Meetup on Thursday, June 21st at Mulberry Bush Pub in London from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm (BST).

We don’t want to ruin the fun before it has begun, so more information will be shared closer to the event. But it’s not too early to RSVP and let us know you’ll be there.

With your hosts Jo Cook (@lightbulbjo), Cara North (@caranorth11) and Bethany Taylor (@eCom_Bethany), you won’t be short of support and lively discussion. They’ll be your fearless leaders and sources of TLDC UK connection, ask them your questions.

As a TLDC first-timer or regular contributor, you will find TLDC stands for Community. We hope that we will see you there!