Special Guest Matt Meuleners Talks Mentors

Notes for September 27, 2017

Special guest Matt Meuleners talks about mentors with the group. After the introductions, Brent jumped right into the questions and the discussion went from who needs mentors to how mentoring looks at all levels in a company. It was a wide discussion around a great subject so be sure to read through the text chat while listening to the playback.

  1. Who needs a mentor?
  2. Coach vs. Mentor
  3. Selecting a mentor
  4. HiPos
  5. Confusing manager with mentor
  6. Mentor/Mentee relationships
  7. Mentor best practices

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Gold Nuggets:

“You can’t coach people out of their core values.”

“Failure of your mentee needs to be in the back of your mind. Failing your mentee needs to be just as prevalent.”

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