Special Guest Shawn Rosler Talks Brass, Microvideo, and Learning Ecosystem

Special guest today is Shawn Rosler, People & Development Manager at SEKISUI SPI and Owner/Vice-President of Radius Leaders LLC and an instructional designer and developer of dynamic, interactive, and highly efficient computer and web-based training for over 10 years. He shares his knowledge of microlearning and how trends flow through L&D.

  1. Shawn’s history
  2. Microlearning
  3. Classroom vs. video
  4. Working with an LMS
  5. Video editing tips
  6. Microvideo inspiration
  7. Learning ecosystem
  8. Using actors vs. work associates
  9. The future

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Picture: TJ Dragotta

Special Guest – Kassy LaBorie on Virtual Classrooms

Notes for February 1, 2018

In the after-glow of TLDC18, we jump right back into the groove with special guest Kassy LaBorie, a speaker, instructional designer, and author specializing in virtual teaming and online learning. She hit a good amount of the questions in the Q&A and shared her insight on the multi-levels of online training. Be sure to scroll up through the text chat while listening to the playback to catch some great side conversations.

  1. Kassy’s history
  2. Virtual classroom engagement
  3. Acting relations to teaching
  4. Platforms
  5. Advanced virtual classroom
  6. Using a chat manager
  7. Virtual compared to ILT
  8. Bad live training

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Golden Nugget:

“You are going to introduce yourself by the way you conduct yourself.”

Picture: Temple Cerulean