Rings of Focus – You! With Special Guest, Other Rings

Show Notes – June 19, 2017

Monday typically stays in the center of the Rings of Focus with ‘you.’ Today we started there, but ventured out into most of the other rings as well. The discussion started with how to certify what we do as L&D professionals and what that means to other people, internally or externally. This then evolved into classifying the types of people that get into the learning and development field. There were three rough classifications that were coming into it from a tech filed, coming into it from a traditional training field, or coming into it from a ‘knowledge of the product or business’ area. All of these were discussed in chat, as well as the video boxes, so be sure to scroll up through the chat as you watch the playback.

In the Boxes:

Nancy Giard Hawthorn https://twitter.com/nancygiard

Anthony Altieri https://twitter.com/aa_altieri

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Gold Nuggets

“If I cost more than the problem, then screw it, I’ll keep the problem.”

“Get out of your Ivory Tower of Training and build relationships with the business.”