Special Guest Steve Wexler Talks Data Visualization

Today we have Steve Wexler in the hot seat. Steve is a Tableau Zen Master, Iron Viz Champion, and Certified Tableau Trainer who has developed thousands of interactive data visualizations. He is currently the principal of Data Revelations, a consultancy that helps organizations understand and share their data. Steve has also written several bestselling computer books and is a top presenter at trade shows and conferences. Brent and Steve talk about Data Visualization today.

  1. Steve’s History
  2. Anscombe’s Quartet
  3. You need to see it
  4. Practical tests
  5. What is data visualization?
  6. Color, size, bars, etc.
  7. Make the data simpler
  8. Color as a tool
  9. Make the data about the user

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Picture: Joshua Sortino