Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Potential of eLearning in the Workplace with host Andrew Hughes and guest Alex Salas

When we talk eLearning, we are often considering moving beyond PDFs, MS Word, and Powerpoint. But implementing eLearning in your training program isn’t just about a shift in tools and platform, it’s also about the fundamental question of how you are answering business needs. And just as important, the context within which you are launching your eLearning is a critical component of its success.

So listen in on Andrew Hughes and Alex Salas as they discuss their own “Tips and Tricks to Unlocking the Potential of eLearning”. This is an excellent episode from two highly experienced instructional designers that have worked on eLearning projects big, small and everywhere in-between.

Special Guest Daan Assen of SwipeGuide

Starting off the week with a special guest from across the pond. Daan Assen is the Founder of SwipeGuide: the new industry standard for digital work instruction. Today, Brent talks to Daan about the changing structure of learning under the influence of Information 4.0. They focus on the importance of capturing tribal knowledge and provide the workforce in industries with high employee-turnover (mainly manufacturing, maintenance and field service) with user-friendly, mobile on-the-job work instructions and standard operating procedures.

  1. Daan’s history
  2. Knowledge management
  3. Changes in the industry
  4. Excitement in industrial OJT
  5. Real world examples
  6. Accessibility compliance

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Special Guest Andy Hughes of Designing Digitally

Thursday brings Andy Hughes of Designing Digitally into the window. For nearly a decade, Andrew Hughes has made it his personal mission to ensure that commonly-used ineffective and lackluster training techniques are a thing of the past. Realizing his passion for changing the way we learn and evolve, in 2006 Andrew founded and became President of Designing Digitally, Inc., an E-Learning and Serious Game Development firm that creates fully customized learner retention solutions for various types of industries.

  1. Andy’s history
  2. Group think
  3. xAPI
  4. Data
  5. Content verification vs structural gamification
  6. Rewards for training
  7. Security
  8. Real world examples from Designing Digitally

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Seeds of Insight – Special Guest David Snavely on Culture

Today we have guest David Snavely on with the Seeds of Insight day at TLDC. With over 20 years of practical learning and experience, David has dedicated his career to helping organizations transform how they operate. He specializes in working with organizations to find clarity of strategic vision and objectives, optimizing organizational structures and processes, and building improved employee collaboration and engagement. Brent, Mike and Michelle talk with David about his journey through the L&D world of culture.

  1. David’s History
  2. Leaders and culture
  3. Early leader development
  4. Externalizing culture
  5. Failures
  6. Defining culture and how it fits

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Special Guest Clive Shepherd Talks About Pure Learning Perspectives

Today we have special guest Clive Shepherd.   He brings over 30 years’ experience in many capacities including his expertise  (1) as a senior learning and development manager within a large corporation; (2) as co-founder of a multimedia development company providing content development services to major organisations across the world; and (3) as a consultant looking to share my expertise with organisations interested in transforming their approach to learning in the workplace.  This triangulation of experience makes Clive’s insights and historical L&D perspectives something you don’t want to miss.  Listen to this replay now to learn more about:

  • Clive’s history
  • Clive’s rock star aspirations
  • The most interesting project Clive is working on
  • The biggest problem with the skills gap
  • How digital learning design is involving

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