Video Friday Special Guest: Zsolt Olah Talks Mighty Cards

For Video Friday, we have Zsolt Olah in the window today to talk about his Mighty Cards for use in finding out what type of issues stakeholders are facing. Zsolt has a great history of speaking about gamification in the L&D world and is a digital problem solver at Kineo.

  1. Mighty Cards
  2. The power of “buying in”
  3. Action mapping
  4. Getting silos to communicate
  5. Action mapping example
  6. Game design insight

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Watch the Playback:

Picture: A J

Special Guest: Scott McCormick

Scott McCormick, formerly of Float Mobile, joins Brent for a great conversation on emerging technologies. Scott has seen a lot of transitions with technologies and sees that focusing on the user has NOT changed over the decades. Scott helps companies overcome the challenges of new technologies.

1) Introduction to Scott McCormick and his background in L&D
2) Emerging technologies and user experiences
3) The importance of user experience in corporate training
4) Augmented Reality projects and user cases in progress today
5) Jobs being impacted by new technologies
6) Convincing stakeholders to embrace emerging technologies
7) AI, virtual assistance, and Alexa

Photo by Farzad Nazifi on Unsplash