Open Forum – Mobile Phones, AR/VR, and Interactivity.

Monday starts the Learning and Development week with an open forum. All suggestions taken and we started with the big question of Mobile Learning; where it has come and where it is going, if anywhere. It continued through AR/VR solutions and responsive design and Kevin Thorn of Learning Nuggets jumped into a window and shared some practical insight.

  1. Mobile learning
  2. Practical uses
  3. Responsive design
  4. VR/AR

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Special Guest Danny Stefanic

Today, Brent Schlenker talks to Danny Stefanic about Virtual Reality.  Danny Stefanic is CEO of, providing VR-ready tools for educators to enhance learning through avatars, non-linear dialogue, gamification and virtual environments while delivering increased engagement and memorable self-paced and collaborative immersive experiences.

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • Evolution of 3D and VR
  • Adoption of VR in eLearning and corporate training
  • LearnBrite’s approach to integrating within existing training
  • 3D design reaching critical mass
  • What tech people should be looking at for VR
  • Benefits of LearnBrite that people can’t get elsewhere
  • Case studies on using VR
  • Think non-linear when developing VR experience for eLearning
  • Best areas where VR plays a role
  • Talking to management about VR
  • Avatars for team meetings

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Special Guests Debbie Richards and Hugh Seaton

Today, Brent Schlenker chats with Debbie Richards and Hugh Seaton about a simple planning model to get the best out of new technologies like VR, AI and AR. Debbie Richards is the President of Creative Interactive Ideas. Hugh Seaton is the CEO of Aquinas Learning, Inc.

Show topics:

  • Introduction & Announcements
  • What is different about newer technologies in terms of creating real learning programs
  • What organizations are doing to adopt change in technology
  • Opportunities where VR/AR can be best applied
  • New tech that’s currently available for L&D Professionals
  • IT and corporate deployment, device management for AR
  • Consumer adoption and B.Y.O.D.

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Special Guest Ryan McDonald Talks Framing, AR, and Webcasting

Video Friday turns into VR Friday with special guest Ryan McDonald who is a Senior Creative Producer of VR, Games, Brand, and Technology and has worked with Disney, Method Studios, DreamWorks and Yahoo. He shares is insight into the VR realm with some real world examples today.

  1. Ryan’s History
  2. Framing
  3. AR over AR for general use
  4. Practical applications
  5. Creation of interactions
  6. Knowing your market
  7. Live webcasting quirks

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Picture: Andreas Kind

Special Guest Marco Faccini on VR, AR, and Instruction Experience Designers

Special guest Marco Faccini drops in with his expertise in the VR field. He is the CEO of PeVRformance Group and a partner in AquinasVR and brings a great history of speaking and influence in the field of L&D.

  1. Marco’s history
  2. Define VR
  3. Instruction Experience Designers
  4. Duplicating the real world
  5. Emotional link in VR
  6. Data from VR
  7. Ask a Question

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