Live From ATD ICE 2017 Day 2

Streaming LIVE from ATD ICE 2017 in Atlanta, GA

A challenge from streaming live is you are at the mercy of the venue’s wifi…

Lots of guests, co-hosts, chatters. Another lively discussion. Zsolt shared a bit about his AR scavenger hunt.

Enzo compared learning and development to zombies and how we should learn lessons from other industries.

Matt Pierce then led a 5 trainers in a car format to take questions from the chat.

The crew talked about skipping conference sessions to boost your personal network.

Matt remarked about the diversity of types of jobs in our industry (sorry Anthony).

Zsolt shared the idea of speed sessions: theory session and practice sessions. He also shared some dynamics about networking events and the importance of music as the universal language.








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Sam Rogers @snapsynapse
Zsolt Olah @rabbitoreg
Anthony Altieri @aa_altieri
Matt Pierce @piercemr
Enzo Silvo @enzofsilva
Brent Shenkler @bschlenker
Paul Bouffleur @pbouffleur
Toddi Norum @tnorum

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Golden Nuggets:

Today, and today only it’s the DIY podcast.

More lessons from other industries! Love it!

If you are an introvert, focus on picking the restaurant and pick the people you want to get close to.

My best conference convos happen in the halls on the way to sessions

Put a call on Twitter to go out to dinner, the introverts will show

If we want to call L&D an industry, we should unionize.

Content is king, man.

VR is like The matrix you cannot understand until you are in it.

We need more music in our learning environments. Either that or smells.

Live From ATD ICE 2017: Day 1 with Sam Rogers and Paul Bouffleur

Streaming live from ATDICE 2017 in Atlanta, Sam Rogers is today’s host!

Sam shared the ATD policy of no photos or videos in the conference hall.  The community discussed this policy and explored the consequences of this happening in our own organizations.  For the most part, the community agreed it was an outdated policy. We also got to people watch from the perch Sam filmed from and talk to fellow TLDC member Paul Bouffleur.

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Katie Stroud

Paul Bouffleur

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Sam’s book

JD Dillon’s Slack

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Golden Nugget(s):

If you come with a team, split up from them for the day. Sit with others.

The real value of conferences is the networking opportunities

People want change. They don’t want TO change.

Does the world need as many of us professionals out there as there are?