Center of the Ring – You – Deep dive on Training Culture in Organizations

Like most Mondays, the center of the Ring of Focus was the topic of discussion. A few weeks back, there was an interesting question brought up in chat that was discussed a little deeper off-line. That question was brought to the forefront and a great discussion ensued. The question was around creating a culture of learning in an organization and if there is already one, how do you change it for the better. There were relations to anthropology, examination of some specific personal examples, and a discussion on the differences between changing an environment or examining an environment and helping that environment to change on its own. It was a deep dive on a universal subject. Review the video to get all the details and be sure to pay attention to the chat, there is some great dialogue!

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Anthony Alteri

Katie Stroud

Craig Sybert

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Quote from the Day:

“Going in too deep is what spawns the Genesis of change.”

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