Special Guest Joe Ganci talks AI, Chatbots, and TLDC19

Friday brings a special guest Joe Ganci to one of the windows to talk to Brent about his session coming up in TLDC19. They also discuss current work likes, technology, AI, and Chatbots.

  1. Joes’s history
  2. The best jobs to work on
  3. Technology in training
  4. The human element
  5. AI
  6. Chatbots
  7. TLDC19

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Picture: Jehyun Sung

Special Guest: Scott McCormick

Scott McCormick, formerly of Float Mobile, joins Brent for a great conversation on emerging technologies. Scott has seen a lot of transitions with technologies and sees that focusing on the user has NOT changed over the decades. Scott helps companies overcome the challenges of new technologies.

1) Introduction to Scott McCormick and his background in L&D
2) Emerging technologies and user experiences
3) The importance of user experience in corporate training
4) Augmented Reality projects and user cases in progress today
5) Jobs being impacted by new technologies
6) Convincing stakeholders to embrace emerging technologies
7) AI, virtual assistance, and Alexa

Photo by Farzad Nazifi on Unsplash

Special Guest – Margie Meacham Talks Neuroscience of Learning

Notes for January 24, 2018

Margie Meacham, CFO of Learningtogo brings her expertise in the science of learning to TLDCast. She will be at the TLDC18 event discussing this as well, so we got a little sneak peek of her presentation. She talked about how the brain works in learning, neuroscience, and a little idea of what she will be talking about at TLDC18.

  1. How quick your brain process speech
  2. Instinct in training
  3. Psychology becoming neuroscience
  4. Margie’s background
  5. TLDC Preview – AI Learning
  6. Artificial neurons
  7. Training an AI
  8. Chemical enhancements

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Picture: Robert Wiedemann

Special Guest Ollie Gardener of NoddlePod Talks Community

Notes for December 13, 2017

We are joined in the video chat by Ollie Gardener of NoddlePod. She discussed how NoodlePod was a was created as a solution to the poor choice in tools that the learning community had at the time. This lead to a great conversation on community in general and it was then linked back into the L&D field with some key discussions around bots and AI.

  1. Ollie’s history
  2. Wiki and information streams
  3. Learning prompts
  4. Bots
  5. AI

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Picture:  Samuel Zeller

Special Guest Richard Boyd Talks Machine Learning and Social Footprints

Notes for December 4, 2017

Special guest Richard Boyd joins us in the video window to talk about game technology from a long history in the field. The conversation started around games, but completely morphed into a deep dive on AI, Machine Learning, and how to recreate a social history of someone from the past. It was an amazing conversation, packed tight with some great information.

  1. Richard’s background
  2. Virtual world framework
  3. Open source adoptions
  4. Machine learning
  5. AI timeline
  6. Creating a social footprint

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Picture: Carlos Irineu da Costa