Megan Torrance and Connie Malamed

Surprise TLDC takeover by Megan Torrance and Connie Malamed!

Join two of the industry’s premiere Instructional Designers for a conversation that touches a little bit of everything. From the upcoming Instructional Design Academy event (August) to ADDIE in the classroom, Megan and Connie cover a whole lot of ground.

Here’s more information on the ID Academy:

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Special Guest Andrew Hughes Talks VR, 360, and Solving Problems

Wednesday brings us a special visit by Andrew Hughes. Andrew is the President and Founder of Designing Digitally, Inc., an E-Learning and Serious Game Development firm. He goes over some real world, virtual and 360 solutions to learning problems and talk about project management in relation to course creation.

  1. Andy’s and Designing Digitally’s background
  2. Real examples of Virtual worlds
  3. Cool stuff vs need to know
  4. Agile vs ADDIE
  5. Solving problems
  6. Data security

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Picture: Laura Lee Moreau

Special Guest – Christopher Bergeron on Portfolios, ID Models, and Recipes

Special guest Christopher Bergeron joins us in the video window today. He has served as a Director of Technology, an Instructional Technology Specialist, and a High School Librarian. Currently the program director for instructional design and technology at Bellevue University, he shares his insight to the world of L&D through starting with degrees in training and all the way up through current training technology.

  1. Christopher’s history
  2. Portfolio tips
  3. Instructional design models
  4. Training ‘recipes’
  5. Limitations learners have

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Picture: Jessica Ruscello