Sponsorship - Required Assets


Here’s What We Need

Assets Required

  1. (1) High resolution logo for posting
  2. (1) 300 x 250 static banner (no animation) with URL
  3. (1) 50-100 word copy and destination URL for newsletter for distribution on Monday the week of your Sponsorship. See Designing Digitally’s example at the bottom of THIS EMAIL.
  4. (1) 3 sentences you’d like us to use to promo your product or service in TLDCast and the TLDCast podcast. These would function as pre-roll and post-roll mentions during the live event, and pre-roll in the recorded podcast the week of your sponsorship.
  5. (1) Confirmation of guest appearance date.

* Our inventory is limited to 4 (four) sponsorship opportunities per month.


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