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The xAPI Playlist

Some of your most frequently asked questions about xAPI including what it’s like to get started and how to implement in your design process, are answered in our very first Playlist. This is an excellent discussion primer from some of the premier xAPI practitioners in our space.

March 2018
With Megan Torrance, Kristin Anthony, Ross Kerr, Melissa Milloway, and Craig Wiggins

The Virtual Classroom Training Playlist

We were honored to have four of the best Virtual Classroom Trainers on the planet join us for an excellent series of discussions covering all things VILT. From interaction and engagement, instructional design and facilitation, brain-based principles and retention, to trends in virtual training, you’ll find the discussions here.

April 2018
With Kassy Laborie, Jo Cook, Cynthia Clay, and Cindy Huggett

The Gamification Playlist

Learn gamification strategies and techniques for your new and ongoing projects! We had three global Gamification experts join us for some compelling conversation surrounding learning and games.

May 2018
With Karl Kapp, An Coppens, Andrew Hughes, Craig Sybert, and John Kissinger

The Microlearning Playlist

What role does microlearning play in your L&D Strategy? More than just creating micro videos, microlearning is about solving problems that get in the way of employee success. But is it just a buzzword or fad? Compelling conversation with some of the best in the industry.

June 2018
With JD Dillon, Shannon Tipton, Karla Torgerson, and Ray Jimenez

The Video Learning Playlist

Everyone’s doing video! And this playlist has some of the best Learning Video producers out there. From the classroom, to the workplace, to YouTube, this playlist will inspire you to new heights in your learning video projects.

July 2018
With Jonathan Halls, Matthew Pierce, Steve Stockman, Lee LeFever, Michael Kinney, and Mark Lassoff

The Instructional Design Playlist

Award-winning authors, experts, and practitioners, The Instructional Design Playlist is a solid group of conversations you’ll want to come back to time and time again. Discussions range from practical, core ID concepts, to learning technologies, performance support and LX Design. Don’t miss this one!

August 2018
With Clark Quinn, Debbie Richards, Myra Roldan, Sean Hickey, Trish Uhl, Dawn Snyder, Roberta Dombroski, and Matt Sustaita

The eLearning Playlist

eLearning is everywhere and beginner and expert alike will enjoy this series of conversations and presentations about eLearning.

September 2018
With Joe Ganci, Nick Floro, Jean Marrapodi, and Tim Slade

The Onboarding Playlist

An excellent playlist with diverse perspectives on the Onboarding effort often tasked to L&D. Practical discussion, case studies, and leadership perspective are all a part of this valuable series.

October 2018
With Mike Simmons, Gaby Piccott, and Peter Stickler

The Mentorship Playlist

eLearning, L&D Business Development, and Mixed Realities! Join this Mentorship Playlist for something a little different. Each topic is hosted by a Mentor and Mentee. Learn from the questions each ask the other.

November 2018
With Mike Simmmons, Tameka Harris, Matt Tidwell, Mike Simmons, Patrick Belt and Marco Faccini

Community Playlists

2019 Playlists

The Marketing Playlist

Learn how L&D can learn from the ways that marketers use technology to influence people including using creative techniques to influence learners. You’ll also learn how to behave like a marketing department within L&D. And finally, view a discussion about Seth Godin’s “This is Marketing” and how it relates to L&D, with a focus on service-based marketing that seeks to understand target consumer markets and solve their problems in an impactful way – relating with empathy and real connection.

January 2019
With Danielle Wallace, Bianca Baumann, Mike Taylor, and Sam Rogers

The Storyboarding Playlist

It doesn’t matter what you call it, but the process of story boarding our work is critical to telling the right story, in the right order. If you don’t plan your design, you may end up with a story scramble, reminiscent of the mixed up fairy tales of our childhood.

Screen writers use story boards to tell stories. Why should we be different? A story board helps guide the creative process and provide a logical framework to deliver content and evoke a response at the right time.

February 2019
With Kristen Hayden Safdie, Katie Stroud, and Toddi Norum

The Competency Models Playlist

Our Competency Models Playlist featured three guests: Rachel Weiss from Oscar Health Insurance, Erin Melvin from Lambda Solutions, and Host Toddi Norum.

The Playlist started with Rachel Weiss, who works with Competency Model frameworks by interpreting and building them around the L&D function. Our second speaker, Erin Melvin, speaks to moving the model into the LMS. She discusses advantages of translating the competency models to the portals (LMS, HRIS) used by the business and also discusses some best practices and potential gotchas.

April 2019
With Toddi Norum, Rachel Weiss, and Erin Melvin

The UX Playlist

Our UX Playlist featured four sessions:

Session 1: Using Virtual Whiteboarding and Design Thinking Techniques on Your Instructional Design Team with Melanie Sexton

Session 2: Educational App Design with Monica Gregg

Session 3: Learning is A Product, Think Like A Product Manager

Session 4: Creating Amazing User Experiences: Let’s Get Inspired with Nick Floro

Learn from a talented group of speakers about the convergence of instructional design and UX.


September 2019
With Melanie Sexton, Monica Gregg, Matthew Daniel, and Nick Floro

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